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Established in Geneva in 1805, Pictet is a Swiss private bank that specialises in asset & wealth management. Pictet is active worldwide with 25 representative offices, totalling over 3,400 employees, CHF 404 billion in assets & is regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions. In my role as senior designer at Scheybeler+company have worked with Pictet on their design, strategy & development of their first major .com structural overhaul & visual refresh in almost 10 years.

Prix Pictet

Founded by the Swiss private bank Pictet & Cie, the Prix Pictet is recognised as ‘The global award in photography & sustainability’. In my role as senior designer at Scheybeler+company I worked on the information architecture, user experience, web typography, design & build of a new multi-thematic website to help transition the award from its second theme based around 'Earth' to its third cycle themed ‘Growth’.

The Collarbone

The Collarbone was a pro-peloton, photo-reportage app for the iPad. Taking the photography of Camille Mcmillan and making it accessible in a dedicated iPad format for the first time. Each collection was available as a free or paid download, with collections also submitted by Kristof Ramon & Emily Maye alongside an Olympic collection submitted by & the British public.

Pictet Perspectives

Pictet Perspectives is an online editorial platform created by Pictet Wealth Management to continue the banks tradition of advising private clients, families & institutions in the art of managing their wealth. In my role as senior designer at Scheybeler+company & with my in depth knowledge of the Pictet brand, I was tasked with the creation of wireframes, information architecture, user experience & design of the website & emails for both desktop & mobile, before over seeing the website build and launch.


A.P.Solutions is a start-up mobile bike mechanic service, created to service North Yorkshire by Alex Peacock. Alex asked me to help create a simple brand that still referenced the visual language found in his background of BMX, car modification & the tattoo’s that cover his body. To date I have created a brand, website, social collateral, stationary, promotional materials & merchandise.

Redwell Brewery

I’m proud to have been acting as design consultant for Norwich based, Goliath defeating craft brewers, Redwell Brewery over recent years. My role has focused on refining the application of the student produced brand from Norwich University of the Arts.

Pictet Corporate Emails

Pictet wanted to extend the same visual language defined in the redesign to its client communication within emails. In my role as senior designer at Scheybeler+company, I helped to develop a modular system of components that bolt together in a huge variety of combinations to respond to the requirements of each piece of communication. In addition I advised Pictet on the technical solutions required to send these emails to replace their current system of BCC’ing recipients.

Garmin Sharp Pro Cycling Team

Whilst in my role as senior designer at Scheybeler+company, we were approached by Sharp to assist in the internal coaching, strategy & pitch to unite Sharps marketing executives in agreement, that a headline sponsorship of the then ‘Garmin Barracuda Pro Cycling Team’ was of benefit to a Japanese electronics manufacturer looking for a new face in Europe. The deal was completed in time to see the newly named ‘Garmin Sharp Pro Cycling Team’ presented at the 2012 Tour De France.

Pictet Digital Advertising

As a method of driving new traffic to the Pictet Wealth Management comments & analysis blog – Pictet Perspectives – Pictet Wealth Management placed regular adverts in both The Economist & The Financial Times iOS applications. After the redesign of Pictet Perspectives, I worked as part of the team at Scheybeler+company to design a new series of rich media adverts taking advantage of HTML5. Using their editorial content, I oversaw 4 campaigns in 2 years that resulted in their click through rate (CTR) jump from an average of less than 1.0% to an above industry average of 2.5-3.0%.


BMC are one of the worlds most respected cycle manufacturers. They combine Swiss premium branding with precise Swiss engineering to create some of the most distinctive bikes on the market. BMC approached Scheybeler+company with a request for proposal (RFP) to produce a ‘Concept & design for the new BMC Website’. In my role as senior designer I was part of a team responsible for pulling together the concept at the heart of our response & crafting some representative visuals.